Family Fun in Malta: Activities for Families and Kids

Malta, a Mediterranean gem, is not just a paradise for sun-seekers and history buffs; it’s also a fantastic destination for families. With a plethora of activities tailored for families and kids, it promises fun-filled experiences for all ages. Whether you’re planning a holiday or looking for weekend activities, here’s your guide to family fun in Malta.

Explore the Grand Harbour

Start your adventure at Malta’s famous Grand Harbour. Take a family-friendly boat tour and marvel at the historic forts and bastions from the sea. It’s both an educational and entertaining way to engage with Malta’s rich history.

Visit Popeye Village

Dive into a world of fantasy at Popeye Village in Anchor Bay. What was once used as the original set for the Popeye movie back in 1980, is now open for your family and family to enjoy. This colourful village offers a variety of entertaining activities including boat rides, water trampolines, and playful shows – perfect for a day out with the kids.

Day at the Beach 

Malta’s picturesque beaches are perfect for family outings. Ghadira Bay and Golden Bay offer safe swimming conditions for younger children. For those staying in any of our residencies in Marsaskala, St. Thomas Bay is a gem, offering clear waters and exciting nearby water sports. For more information on Malta’s beaches check out our article on the ‘Best Beaches in Malta’ (add link) 

Historical Exploration in Mdina

Transport your family back in time in Mdina, Malta’s old capital. Its medieval streets are a wonder to explore, and interactive shows like the Mdina Dungeons captivate children’s imaginations.

Interactive Learning at Museums

Malta’s museums are great for stimulating young minds. The Esplora Interactive Science Centre and the National War Museum offer educational yet fun experiences for children and adults to enjoy.

Discover the National Aquarium

A visit to the Malta National Aquarium in Qawra is a must for families staying in Malta. It offers an underwater journey through Malta’s waters and beyond, showcasing a diverse range of marine life. The aquarium is not only entertaining but also educational, making it a perfect outing for those curious minds.

Family-Friendly Stays

In Malta, families can enjoy a blend of fun, education, and relaxation. With activities ranging from historical discoveries to natural explorations, Malta is a playground that promises an unforgettable holiday for the whole family.

Our accommodations at Malta Letting cater to families, offering comfort and convenience for exploring Malta’s family attractions. Located in a more quiet area, Marsaskala guarantees a safe experience for you and your loved ones and is still minutes away from Malta’s best destinations!

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