Malta’s Nightlife: A Guide to the Best Bars and Clubs

Malta, renowned for its rich history and stunning landscapes, transforms into a vibrant hotspot as the sun sets. The island’s nightlife scene is a thrilling mix of traditional charm and modern energy, offering something for every taste. 

From lively clubs that keep the party going till dawn to cozy bars perfect for a relaxed evening, Malta is a destination that truly comes alive at night. Here’s your guide to the best bars and clubs in Malta, ensuring a memorable night out.

Paceville: The Heart of Malta’s Nightlife

Paceville, located in St. Julian’s, is the epicenter of Malta’s clubbing scene. This bustling district is home to a high concentration of clubs, bars, and lounges, each with its own unique vibe. 

If you’re into commercial music, clubs like Havana, Footloose and Shadow Club are probably your best bet. If underground music resonates more with your ear, then Playground and Clique would take it way (full underground list later on). If you’re into bigger parties, you might want to have a look Toy Room and Sky Club. We advise that you look into their social media platforms to know exactly what events they would have during your time. 

If you’re after a more chill night, various bars and lounges can be found while strolling around. Hugo’s Terrace and Hugo’s Lounge are a good place to start. 

Valletta’s Elegant Bars

For a more sophisticated evening, head to the capital city, Valletta. Wine bars like Trabuxu and Bridge Bar offer a more laid-back atmosphere. These spots are perfect for enjoying a glass of wine or a cocktail while soaking in the city’s historic architecture and ambiance. Many more bars can be found along the way while walking through Republic Street, Merchant Street, and Strada Stretta. 

Sliema’s Seaside Lounges

Sliema’s coastline is dotted with chic lounges and bars, offering stunning sea views. Venues like Surfside and MedAsia Playa combine delicious food and drinks with a relaxed, stylish setting, ideal for a serene night by the water.

For those who love Techno

Favoured by local underground music aficionados, Liquid Club presents an authentic techno experience, set within an old building that was transformed into a club in 1971. This venue combines historical charm with modern beats, creating a unique atmosphere for true techno enthusiasts.

If this scene ignites a spark within you, be sure to check out Glitch Festival (August) and Dalma Festival (December) on your next visit to Malta. For smaller monthly events, be sure to check out brands like Glitch Club Series, Out of Office and Yakuza. 

Staying in Malta

With Malta Letting, you’re always in close proximity to the action. Whilst our properties are conveniently located in a quieter area in Malta, most of the best nightlife spots are easily accessible via public transport within minutes. Whether you’re in the mood for a high-energy club night or a relaxed evening at a sophisticated bar, Malta’s vibrant nightlife scene has something to offer everyone. So get ready to experience the dynamic and exciting night scene that Malta proudly boasts.

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