Malta Letting is a family run enterprise always in expansion and on the look out to acquire new potential sites on the Maltese Islands so to create a modern and contemporary spaces of outstanding quality for tourists who would like to opt  to stay in a self catering environment during their holiday in Malta. Our aim is for our guests to however have the same comfort as though they would have opted for an outstanding hotel.

The owners Ludwig and Rosanne Camilleri have a vast experience in the construction business as they have always been involved in other family businesses. When they have started this new venture they already had in mind what to cater for and what their properties should have so that they standout from other short let properties available on the market.  The couple, together with their team of reservation agents, housekeepers,  chambermaid and maintenance staff,  make sure that all their guests have the most wonderful experience throughout their stay in one of their rentals.  Nowadays their grown up children Miguel, Matias and Marcus who though are still specializing and studying in the different fields also help with the management of the properties so Malta Letting will be always growing and expanding featuring new properties with innovative ideas.