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+356 21800221 / + 356 79453773


Waterfront, Thomas Ashby Street, Marsascala, Malta

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If you are not sure what is best way for you to arrive to our properties then we suggest these ways to see which one is fine for you.

Getting to Malta


You are likely to get to Malta by plane. Malta has one airport located in Gudja.


Another option is by Ferry. The most common and frequent route being between Malta and Sicily.

Getting to Our Properties


Rent a car and make it possible to explore every corner in Malta. Follow the maps above for directions to reach us.

In need of help to rent a car? Contact us and we will help you.


Contact us to book a taxi for you. You will find a taxi waiting for you outside and it will take you to our properties.


You can also use the public transport system. Bus stops are located right outside our properties in Marsascala (Bus Stop called Vendome) and Sliema (Bus Stop called Għadir). Read more info on